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NewsLeecher is a binary Usenet client for Windows OS
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NewsLeecher is a Newsgroup client that allows you to download binary files. Newsgroups servers is the way to go when you need to download big files at fast speeds and NewsLeecher makes that process a lot simpler. The application is divided into tabs for easier access. The first tab that you will see is the Manager tab, where all your newsgroup servers will be stored. To really use this application you need a newsgroup server and there are many providers that offer cheap alternatives out there. I personally haven't a free one, but was able to get my hands on a free trial to test this application. So, when you add the server to your list, you can fetch all the Groups, which read something like "alt.binaries.boneless," etc. Then you are ready to start downloading. All you need to do is get an NZB file online and that will allow you to download the actual binary files off the groups. The user interface is really not easy to use. I had to do some research in order to figure the application out. But I guess that people who are more used to newsgroups will not have much of a problem adjusting to this application. Once you are downloading, you are given a little, neat graphic that shows your speed and you can check the progress of your downloads in the queue tab.

José Fernández
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  • It is stable and it has a neat interface


  • It charges you extra 3 dollars a month for a search service
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